BYU Studies sponsors LDSfaq. BYU Studies is an academic LDS journal that has produced high quality, peer-reviewed, scholary LDS research since 1959. We also publish inspiring scholarly religious literature in the form of books and dissertations.

Publications are selected from highly qualified authors who share the same goals and objectives as we do. Additionally, our editors and staff are experienced, educated, and trained in their respective positions.

As an outlet for BYU Studies literature, we accept mail, phone, and web orders for a variety of products. The BYU Studies journal is our most prominent publication. We provide subscriptions to mail each issue to your door. The journal is complimented by a strong collection of relevant books and dissertations about subjects requiring more discussion and content than our journal has room to provide. Most of our books are also endorsed by the BYU Press. In addition to these great resources, our website provides comprehensive databases of article references by author, subject, title, and category to assist you in your research. Each reference will provide a link to either a download article, a reprint article, or a journal.

BYU Studies is dedicated to publishing qualified, significant, and inspiring scholarly religious literature in the form of books and dissertations, and journals. We want to share these publications to help promote faith, continued learning, and further interest in our Latter-day Saint heritage with those in the world who have a positive interest in this work.