Topic(s): Doctrine and Theology: Temple Worship and Ordinances
What are Latter-day Saint garments?
The word "garment" has a distinctive meaning to Latter-day Saints. Members who have received the ordinance of the temple endowment wear a white ceremonial undergarment. Members wear the garment under their regular clothing for the rest of their lives, day and night, to remind them of the sacred covenants they have made with God. It is an outward expression of an inward covenant and symbolizes Christlike attributes in one's mission in life. The white garment symbolizes purity and helps assure modesty and respect for the attributes of God. Scripture and ancient tradition point toward the significance of sacral clothing. The clergy and ministry in almost all major faiths wear special clothing. For Latter-day Saints, among whom there is no professional ministry, men and women from all walks of life share in the callings, responsibilities, and blessings of the priesthood. Their sacred clothing, representing covenants with God, is worn under rather than outside their street clothes.
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Evelyn T. Marshall -
Evelyn T. Marshall serves as chairman of the Relief Society curriculum writing committee.
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